Logotype(logo), isotype and imagetype. What do they mean?

In the logo and brand world, a huge amount of varieties, categories and subcategories exist in respect to form, layout, etc. In fact, on many occasions those technical concepts overlap, which sometimes makes it difficult to understand the real differences between them.

With this in a mind, Factoryfy has decided to write a series of articles to shed some light on the subject and help to make a distinction between the different types of logotypes and the terminology that is associated with their creation.

In this first post we explain the difference between logotype, isotype and imagetype.

Logotype? Isotype? Imagetype?

These three words are commonly used between designers and can cause confusion when you are new to the world of design. However, the explanation is quite simple.

A logotype or logo refers to the text of the brand and isotype refers to its graphic. Together they create the imagetype to form the complete brand. It is also popular to use the term logotype or logo to relate to the brand as a whole.



As you will see in the next article, not all brands are created from the same combination of these elements.

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