The price of an online shop

The price of an online shop depends on many things. If you are in the process of analysing different budgets in order to chose the company that will create your successful online shop, we are sure that you are tired of hearing about how much work it takes, how much it depends on your needs, etc. You need to provide a company with lots of details for them to estimate a budget.

Here, the secrets of choosing a web provided will be revealed to you, so you can achieve the highest quality without having to pay an absolute fortune.

Low cost online shop

We live in a world full of offers. The key is to work out who the trustworthy providers are. With soaring rates of growth in ecommerce, it isn’t surprising that many unqualified professionals and companies offer low quality products at low prices. It isn’t unusual to find online stops available for £300 and even £150. Don’t be fooled. Focusing on a lower priced option can often just be throwing your money away. Maybe the payment method doesn’t work, the design is a disaster, the management of products is bad, there is no training involved for its usage…the list goes on.

These businesses often operate online, so be careful with Google  ;D

High priced online shop

At the other end of the spectrum, there are companies that put a high price on an online shop. The method of operation is to create a huge budget that uses language that no one understands. The strategy is for the company to gain the client’s trust and it is not unlikely to see prices as high as £8,000, which is daylight robbery.

Our recommendation is simple: compare budgets for online shops so we understand their characteristics, speak to lots of different professionals to learn what determines the budget, put emphasis on what the website should do and not on how it is done; provide examples of websites and shops that can be used as references for our business, ask the provider’s previous clients about its flexibility and finally, pray that we haven’t made a mistake.

These companies usually work in a very traditional way, so don’t be fooled by a friendly face.

The exception: companies that already sell a lot over the internet need very advanced services, not only for the creation of the page, but also for its maintenance, this can make the expenditure quite high, but justified.

The price of our online shop

The price of ours is £1,030, VAT included, for the highest quality online shop development on WordPress. Web design is done by our top designers and with perfect programming so that everything runs like clockwork. You receive: integration with social networks, help with the communication strategy, installation of chat services, development of a blog, uploading of the first batch of products, simple training for how to manage the shop, guarantee, upload onto the server, payment configuration, transport policy…. a ready to use product.

We also create online shops using prestashop and magenta, but these are a little more expensive.

Prueba tu negocio primero con una tienda online de primer nivel a un precio muy ajustado. Gástate el dinero en Marketing digital para meter clientes en tu tienda online y conoce a tu cliente y si empiezas a vender muchos productos bendito problema.

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