Reinventing the GRAPHIC DESIGNER

Searching for and finding the perfect graphic designer for a project is actually a lot harder than it seems. It’s common to hear about bad experiences with the disconnection between the designer and the company.

At factoryfy we have analysed all types of complaints from clients that have had bad experiences with design studios, publicity agencies and freelance designers, and we have come up with a faultless formula for choosing a graphic designer to create a logo, flyer or website.

A graphic designer with business in their genes

We have often found that the graphic designer and the entrepreneur are speaking two different languages, causing delays in the project, confusion and client desperation. In fact, on many occasions the work is never completed and the relationship ends on bad terms. Our graphic designers at factoryfy have the assistance of a marketing consultant who is in charge making sure the designer and entrepreneur are on the same terms.

A designer with good training and judgement

Undoubtedly there is infiltration in all types of professions, but in the world of design, it’s dog eat dog. If we enter into a sector where there are few regulations and where everyone has an opinion, we have a situation where you can find entrepreneurs putting their designs in the hands of Joe Bloggs who lives down the road, as he did a course in Photoshop.

A chameleon-like graphic designer

On some occasions all the work of a graphic designer can look the same, which is often described as coherency or personal style. Having your own style is good, but it is necessary to be open minded as well. At factory we are specialists and we have a large team of flexible designers.

Graphic designers with a sense of humour do exist

It’s quite normal to hear graphic designers being described as grumpy, having a big ego and not dealing well with criticism… Make no mistake, this often happens because the client throws away good design work as they are not trained in this field and instead put forward ideas that don’t really have any meaning. Even though this is hard work, at factoryfy we have succeeded in having graphic designers that almost always have a smile on their face, that care about their clients, that accept criticism, that always give good advice, that make any amendments required and that don’t forget what the client wants.

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