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At factoryfy we value the importance of continued training, and our design and programming teams are always developing their skills to be better at what they do, just like our client Grupo Inn, who has made the leap into the wonderful web of online training courses.

The website was developed on Prestashop and has lots of well organised, coherent content, as well as being user friendly.

There are many contributing factors in making this a website of the highest level, some factors that we can see, and others that we can feel. For example, the programming allows our client to fully manage their website as we like to deliver ready for use products.

In spite of being developed on a platform that is accessible to everyone, the design work is really what makes this platform stand out from similar ones. Each area is personalised and this results in a unique and corporative page. Both the design and communication were made specially for Grupo Inn. The use of both photography and illustrations gives it a fresh and confident feel that the company wanted to transmit. Additionally, the slide illustrations created by our design team gives the product page a bit of a twist and moves away from a “standard” page format.

The programming work allows for our client to manage their own website, without needing an in depth knowledge of the platform.

But it doesn’t end here, our programming team has set up a very useful function for our client Grupo Inn… they are able to attach a link to where all their courses appear. This is apart from the direct, automated downloads of diplomas for each course.

Without a doubt, this is a website with the best design and programming, and will be one of the reference pages for online courses in Spain and South America.


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