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Ledproled got in contact with factoryfy for us to develop their corporate image.

Our client had a clear idea of what they wanted, a corporate image that breathes confidence, sincerity, modernity and elegance. They wanted their logo to be able to be recognised anywhere and put them in a favourable position over their competitors.

Factoryfy fired up their engines to create a logo with the ability to light up any room. Following the direction of our client, we created a logo with technical typography that, thanks to its height, offers a sense of stability. We also created an isotype that represents an LED lightbulb. To make this logo completely unique to the company and both corporate and personal, we used the letter L of its name to make the light bulb filaments, which also means that the isotype can be used alone. Blue was the colour chosen for this logotype and, whilst distant from a typical corporate blue colour, it inspires the same warmth and confidence. This colour is widely used in the science-technology colour scheme and this is why it’s the perfect colour to top off the development of this logotype.


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