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Aloha! If you have a passion for surfing, paddle surfing, windsurfing or any other surfing related activity, or maybe you just want to check the weather at the beach, this blog is for you.

Surfactual was created by a surfing journalist in Málaga who had the desire to make a surfing themed blog due to the absence of anything like it. It is a network where users have access to up-to-date, good quality surfing information.

This is a very social blog that is connected to all the popular social media sites: Facebook, twitter, Instagram and Google+. It allows any user to upload photos, write comments and make new posts: interviews, investigative reports, videos, articles… With an average of 100 posts a month, it is evidence that our blog tutorials are successful.

The end product is a unique, powerful, user-friendly design and with the use of a good SEO company, Surfactual is on the crest of a wave.


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