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Dossier, Estate Agency


The Factoryfy team developed this project for a property promotions company. The target audience of this dossier are mainly foreign or national families with high purchasing power. We had to create an attractive, elegant, and serious dossier to clearly display the company’s values, at the same time as showing confidence to the client. The end result is a clean looking catalogue whose photos and graphics attractively show the characteristics of the properties. The main colour used is the company’s corporate blue and reminds us of summer and the Mediterranean.


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Web design and development for an aesthetic medicine companyOur team designed this dossier for a company dedicated to the selling and installation of alarmed security systems. We wanted to develop a corporate project and therefore used the blue from the logotype to represent technology and complemented it with the colour orange. Factoryfy is also responsible for the development of this company’s logo, which uses the head of an owl, created from basic geometric shapes as the imagetype. This dossier defines the company and also functions as a product catalogue